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Last grow for a minute

So, here’s the deal. For reasons that it doesn’t matter this may be my last grow for a year or so, give or take. I have a Gorilla 2×4, HLG 320, AC infinity exhaust and circulation. I have about 4 months of grow freedom left. I want to really knock it out of the park with this one. I think clone is outta the equation since my only local,. prohibition land, growmie does outdoor only. Should I go autos or photos? 2 nice size or  several smaller? I will be using 3.0 soil and BAS amendments. Scrog or stakes? Few plants/long veg? Many, short veg? Seeds will either be Night Owl Strawberry milk and qookies auto, or a toss up between Tiki Madman Pablo’s Private Reserve, or Growers Love Adventure Pack.

Thanks for the help growmies!


5 responses to “Last grow for a minute”

  1. NayHay Avatar

    With only four months I’d suggest more plants than you think you can fit and maybe a few to spare to fill in any unexpected empty spaces that come up if you have to cull intersex plants. If you’re sure you’ll like the auto varieties, they will probably produce more since you can run 24/0 light, heat/weather depending. I’d go with a variety whenever possible since you might not like one of the seed strains.

    Good luck and pack in the fun!

  2. Evil Coach Steve Avatar

    I’d go with one plant and repot a bunch till you get to a 20 or 25 gl pot.

  3. TommyDGrows Avatar

    I’d literally do at least 3 to 4, 5 gals in a 2×4, maybe 7 gals. Don’t have any experience with Buildasoil, yet… they have been on my radar. Keep us posted friend!

  4. Richard Horton Avatar

    Thanks all for the advice, and thanks guys for putting it on the show, I’ll let you know what happens!

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