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Late flower feeding and trichome development

Just a brief history on my grow. This is only my second grow and first photo period. I’m growing og kush feminized. Unfortunately I forgot where the genetics are from. It was a freebie from North Atlantic seed company. Most places post this as a 8 week strain from what I found. I’m on day 40 week 6 coming on 7 of flower. I’m growing in a 3×2 in a earthbox under a spider farmer se3000 300w (Just got a new tent for flowering and got myself an hlg rspec 320 very excited for the upgrade.) Average daytime temp 73 humidity 45 and nighttime temp 67 and humidity 47. Following buildasoil feeding schedule almost exactly. I posted a few photos so you guys have an idea on my progress.

My question is should I just stick to water now or can i squeeze in one more top watering with some amendments? I just wanted to use fermented pumpkin extract, coconut water, bio phos, and recharge. Would this be a 2aste at this point or will the plant still benefit from another feeding?

Also I understand that each strains trichome development is different. Is there an average you can say trichomes going from glassy to frosty to amber?

Thanks For the Help!

Happy New Years Eve DGC!


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  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    I would not. I would use that energy and vigor in some younger plants. Start decreasing your inputs at this time. I am literally on the same time line as you. This will be my last week of nutes. No more recharge, kelp in is a young plants game. I do use molasses at this point 20 gal water will get a half cup or less . Just to feed the microbes I am thinking still live with me. I go 9 weeks min. So I will only feed this light for another week. Then I do 2 solid weeks of just water with 1 mil cal mag ph’ed to 6/6.5 . They gonna get ugly. The way she goes.

    1. Desertdude317 Avatar

      You’re the best Sunny!🌞

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