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Manhandled buds Vs. Never been kissed

I have asked this question before, but never really know if what I mean is understood. In the first picture, it shows a bud that I have manhandled as gently as I can. Spreading out under Scroge net. It’s always obvious where I have been because the hairs are all bent out of shape, literally, and figuratively. Does this really mean anything though if I know the cause? Is this just the canary in the coal mine giving warning that the plant is mad.? Or have a done actual damage that will reduce the plants success and yield? Thank you. I look forward to an answer.. Cleanliness is next to godliness everyone. Spring cleaning time! ‘tis the New Year’s.


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  1. Dank willie Avatar

    I also wonder about this mine is always the buds right next to my tower fan I can tell the wind is blowing one like a wavy arm inflatable

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