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Lighting Upgrade

Just wondering if any of the DGC has run any Highgrove lighting? I’m  putting up a new 2×4 and am on the fence between Highgrove and HLG. I see quite a few people running HLG and doing great, but I also see Build A Soil doing awesome with the Magnolia. Thanks growmies.


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    1. Richard Horton Avatar

      I would like to try HPS at some point, but right now my home at suited for it.

  1. MidMOGrower Avatar

    I use Optic LED and never had a problem just great results.

  2. Mr.Chuck Avatar

    Love my Diablo and 650r. I also have a Chilled LED I love. I made a list of what was most important to me the light have, then made a list. Efficiency, strength, price, size, shape, etc. Then compare and contrast your two favorites. Don’t think you can go wrong either. Don’t forget the DGC pro discount for hlg.

  3. uncle luke61 Avatar

    I run a mars SP3000 in my 2×4 and it kills it. good par in all corners. Price friendly too

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