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Ripping Blueberry Adventure


What’s up DGC!!

My summer indoor grow included 2 from Irie Genetics, Tangie Ripper and Blueberry Butcher and  1 of Soups 2022 Adventure Pack.

Organic run, 5 Gal pots using Gaja Green nutes, Recharge and Cal-Mag. Ran these girls to 11 weeks. SF4000 light finished under 18/6.

Just getting to know these strains so I kept them short and stocky. Very impressed with all 3 strains. Sticky hard nugs yeilding just under 300gms.

Tangie Ripper tastes like Creamsicles. Orange with Vanilla. Blueberry Butcher tastes like a Blueberry Grape cross. Soups Adventure tastes heavy of lime with a hint of burnt rubber. Weird but oddly tasty. Wife hates when that jar opens.

Peace! Kenabyss


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  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    I would be happy if I could get such big plants outta 5 gals. Nice job!

  2. Slayer420 Avatar

    Tremendous 🤘🪴💚

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