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London Marker & Apple Whitez

What is up DGC growmies! Hope all is well for everyone is this holiday season.

Wanted to share 2 of my current cultivars that I’m about to harvest in a week. Both are 63 days today. Grown with New Millennium, Silicium, and Recharge under 200w AC Infinity S24 light.

First 2 pics are London Marker (London Loud Cake X Permanent Marker) from Lit Farms. It smells like a sweet pastry mixed with a strange marker funkiness

The others are the Apple Whitez (Apples & Banana X White Runtz)from Wolfpack Selections. This one went full purple and smells like a pack of Gushers fruit snacks. Fuckin amazing lol.

Hope you guys enjoy! Really loving the new panel shows! Learning so much from everyone on there, and it’s always just a good vibe to chill and hang with. Much love Dude, Scotty, Grambo and all DGC family! Stay lifted!


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  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Looks pretty greasy. Does it have small heads on the tri-combs? I find they are more of a greasy texture, then sticky glue.

    1. Dream Loud Avatar

      Yeah they’re fairly small I’d say. The heads are only a bit larger than the stalks of the trichomes.

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