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Analysis Paralysis

Hey guys! Plants are Super Lemon Haze x2 and Purple Haze x2. Growing in 60%coco, 20%wormcastings, 20%perlite. Using liquid nutes. The girls are six weeks old in 5 gallon fabric pots in a 5×5 AC Infinity set up. We’re struggling with how much to water/feed. We started having yellow leaves on the bottom, working up the plants. Just added Recharge to our regimen. Do we water until there’s at least 20% runoff? Is a gallon too much per plant? We’ve only been giving them 1/2 gallon with just a little runoff, sometimes none. We see nice white root nubs on the bottom of the pots.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Your plants tell you if you’re doing it right. If they do not respond as they should, then you’re doing something wrong. Leaves should not be droopy during the day. Damaged roots will not uptake nutrients. Start there. If they’re looking starved but you’re giving them nutrition, you’ve damaged the roots somehow. Too much or too little can have the same end result. You can have the right concentration of elements and still not uptake them. How much is as important as how often. Too often with too much will drown the roots. Not enough water will cause a salt build up over time. Damaging the roots. First thing to do is back off and let the root system heal. Only you know if you’re watering too often. You want at least 30% run off watering in from the top.

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Well, this is irony. I just posted about my shop vac, sucking out the bottoms of the pots. What’s your pH and all that good shit? What’s your temperature down in your pots? This time of year the temperature in the pot can cause some things to not uptake. they do look hungry with the yellowing. But like maestro, said… If other things are out of whack, you’re fucked. I love to find all of the parameters for each nutrients ability to be absorbed. It’s usually the first thing I find out to be the problem. Not so much lack of the actual nutrient. I have a question…… When you are in your room or Tenant or whatever, do you have a secret Farter? do you get a whiff of a fart from a ghost that you cannot see? It will come and go. I think I have narrowed it down to when you water and it pushes through and releases a bit of a fart if it is rotten. But simply sniffing the bottom of the pots I find less effective. Because it seems to come out all at once for a moment. Questions questions questions never any answers lol

  3. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Did you by chance just put these into flour? Is there any chance that sulfur could be useful via leaf surface if the roots are soggy?

  4. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    By sulfur, I just mean Epson salts. Like a teaspoon per gallon of water is super light. Just curious. The first couple weeks in flour if I get a lot of yellow on top, I am thinking sulfur town.

  5. Minnekannabis Avatar

    Thanks for the comments! Yes, I was thinking about adding Epsom salts. Here’s where I think we went wrong:
    1. Watered/fed too little (perhaps allowing salt build up around roots?) Was only giving 1 liter w/no runoff.
    2. Turned up the lights too fast. We started seeing problems when we zoomed up to 70%. (now using the Photone app to measure) reset to 50% using 750Watt EON 8.
    3. Not enough cal-mag? Saw somewhere that LED eats up cal quickly, especially in coco.
    4. Watering 3/4 gallon of ph water only tonight. We run lights on from 6:30pm-12:pm the next day.
    5. We’re about 2 weeks from flower but I want to delay until the girls are healthier.
    6. Question: Can we use our ph pen for measuring the runoff, too? Don’t have the other meters/testers yet.

    1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

      I always use cal mag. Every water. Your coco is also another reason to love cal mag. 2 mil. Per gallon. Always add the cal mag before every other thing! The only exception is if you are using a silica additive. Most Cal mag has a bit of nitrogen in it also. Which it looks like you could certainly use more of. Yeah I would definitely get them green before flipping. Were they nice and green at one point? What happened? You might be a bit chickenshit on your nutrients. A lot of new people are chickenshit. Because they hear about burning so much. But if you use a little bit of recharge every single water with the feed… It’s not a problem. Don’t be a chickenshit. Don’t be a cowboy either though. L O L no reason to get crazy.

      1. Minnekannabis Avatar

        We have been watering with PH 6.1 or 6.2 for the last several nights. Trying to flush them out gently. Seeing salt buildup on the outside of the fabric pots so maybe it’s working. We’re going to start feeding them again tomorrow with cal-mag and maybe another dose of Recharge. We’re about 10 days from flipping to flower but again, not going to flip until they’re healthy. They were nice and green before, but now we decided we weren’t giving enough water with the nutes. This probably caused lockout. So, just taking it a day at a time until we’re satisfied. They’re already looking much better. Flushed with 1 gallon last night and had a good amount of runoff. I convinced Mr. Kannabis this won’t drown them.

    2. BarelyBurningBurleyBurnHardt Avatar

      From what you have said I would think deficient in cal mag and probably having ph issues from the way you are watering and probably salt buildup as well. I have messed up many times and every single time it got to looking pretty bad it was an issue with not watering to runoff. You want to water till you get 20% runoff.. I do it each watering. On plain water days I even do it usually just to be sure at this point. I ran into a problem this last time after not doing it for a while because you guessed it… i had forgotten about watering to runoff. Also if you let it dry out too much in coco that can cause ph imbalance with mine it was too low using tupur or tupor or however you spell it.

      1. Minnekannabis Avatar

        Well, we’re in week 3 of flower and the girls are producing! I’m going to defoliate the Lemon Haze tomorrow night as they are quite bushy and need some better airflow. Mr. Kannabis has been sick, so I’m trying to maintain the grow myself this week. Recharge has been working wonders! Analysis Paralysis meant that we’ve been watching numerous videos and reading everything we can from various folks in the industry. We were paralyzed by too much information, but we always discuss, and come to a mutual decision on how best to facilitate what we’ve learned. It’s been a very rewarding experience to share our new adventure together.

  6. NayHay Avatar

    I suspect over-saturated medium looking at the color and shape of the leaves. 20 percent worm castings makes a heavy mix, which isn’t necessarily a problem, but I’m not sure I’d go for 20% runoff with a mix that heavy.

    Given the size of the plants and relatively small size of the pots, I hope you’re going 12/12 soon.

    Cal Mag depends on which nutrients you’re using. Most of the time it’s a good idea, but some cannabis/coco brands already have a decent amount of cal/mag in there. Also the brand of nutes will tell us something about the feed schedule. (Some brands tell you way too much, some of them are pretty accurate.)

    1. Minnekannabis Avatar

      Thanks NayHay. We’re using Cronk nutrients. We hope to start the flower stage in 2 weeks.

  7. The Blazed Beaver Avatar

    I’d also suggest raising the pots up so your auto-waterers aren’t sitting directly on the ground. This time of year, assuming it’s winter and colder where you are, the cold concrete floors can cause some issues.

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