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My first grow!

Now that we are legal in Minnesota here is my first grow I’m pretty hyped on the out come! It is a Bloody Skunk auto from sweet seeds! I had it in a open closet with a oscillating fan and 2 vipar spectra xs 1500 pro lights with fox farm ocean forest with premium compost and worm castings and a bit of Dr. Earth 4-6-3 and rain water and a little molasses water.


2 responses to “My first grow!”

  1. Dream Loud Avatar

    Hell yeah, I’m in MN too! Looks great, especially for first time grow! So nice being able to grow without any hassle from the law now! Keep at it, you’ll be growing the dank dank in no time!! 💪🏻🌱

  2. Nick Kaparos Avatar

    Great job 🫡🫡🫡

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