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EM-5 In earthbox?

Good morning DGC,

Does anyone have any experience with em-5 from buildasoil? If so is it OK to use when bottom watering earthbox. I have seen people mention using em1 but I’m just not sure if the em5 is safe with its additional ingredients.  Also besides foliar sprays what else could em5 be used for?

Thanks for any help!


3 responses to “EM-5 In earthbox?”

  1. MidMOGrower Avatar

    I watched most of all the BuildaSoil YouTube videos, I’ve never seen Jeremy use or say to use it as a soil drench I don’t think it’s meant for that. I have this product and I use it mostly for cleaning my saucers, my LED basically my whole grow room instead of bleach. I know you can use this as a foliar spray as an IPM other than that that’s all the knowledge I have of this product. I would message BuildaSoil it’ll be best.

    1. StonedMycology31 Avatar

      Thanks for the response. I also couldn’t find anything from the information they provide on their website or YouTube. I will shoot them an email ASAP.

      Thanks again for the help.

      1. Cos_grows Avatar

        You can call them and actually talk to someone. They have never pointed me in the wrong direction

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