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New grower to new grower

Wrapping up my 2nd year of growing and here’s a few things I learned, the hard way.

You don’t have to get it all perfect! The plant will grow fairly easily. You may not get the best or the most, but you’ll get there.

Just put that seed in something and get it it growing.

Whichever growing style you choose, stick with it a couple of grows. You can always change it up but give it a little bit before you switch up.

Find a good place to get all the info you need so your not running here and there on the net looking for answers or advice. Obviously I recommend the DGC. Join the crew, become a producer. Use the guides, use the search bar.

You can add to your grow, and learn and improve.

Don’t let growing weed intimidate you.

If you can get it some decent light,.and food and water, you can get some decent pot.

Happy growing and growers love.

Pickled Rick.


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