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Peanut Butter Breath by ILGM

What’s up DGC! Its been awhile since I posted but I haven’t stopped growing. Growing and life sometimes gets in the way… My latest batch of girls includes this outstanding Peanut Butter Breath by ILGM. She’s colorful solid and was an easy grow. Fed with Jacks 321 including the boosters, Recharge, Fish shit and Mammoth P. She was under an HLG 280v2 that I used at 80% for most of the veg cycle and 90% for the flower with weeks 4 5,6, at 100%. She grew well along side A Gary Satan in a semi scrog. She’s about to be chopped today Dec 30, so that’s 60 days on the button, from the light switch. She’s showing about 15 amber, right where I like it. Both plants were grown together in a 2 x 4 Infinity tent. Lung room kept at 72° and 50% humidity until the last two weeks its was dropped to 45 and 40.

Thanks guys, Rock on!!


6 responses to “Peanut Butter Breath by ILGM”

  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Looks fabulous. I would give another few days if I could. Looks great though either way. I am always glad I pushed on.

    1. vinman Avatar

      Hi Sunny! HNY….I didnt kill it yet..i did a 48 hr dark period but didnt notice much more amber and put her under the lights again…this weekend should do it for her and most of the plants in the stable.
      Gotta break up harvesting a bit so Im not in constant trim jail!
      All the best to ya in ’24!!!

  2. SENSI Avatar

    Good time of the day to take the picture.

  3. Desertdude317 Avatar

    Nice ladies, great pics! Thanks for sharing and happy growing.

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