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pH problems

Do I trust the meters or the general hydroponics test drops?


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    pH meters are a waste of money. NEVER trust digital shit in your grow. Always have an analog way to check important variables like pH, temperature and humidity. The drops don’t lie like the meter will.

    1. Terpking Avatar

      Thanks for all your help. My plants are already doing better.

  2. NayHay Avatar

    I like drops too, I use a different brand and although they are not super accurate, I do think they’re never wrong. If you do get a meter, get a nice one and store it in the solution and calibrate, etc. I like the Bluelab soil pH pen in part because it can do soil too, but also because the cap locks on and doesn’t leak/evaporate.

    But even the Bluelab takes a long time to settle in to a final number, which is annoying.

  3. Christopher Kush Avatar

    Those blue/yellow $13.99 a pair ph meters always come back to bite you. There’s a long line of people who have had a cheap ph meter fail mid-grow. The budget Apera instruments ph meter can need to be calibrated a bit more frequently than their higher end models. I use Apera instruments and love them, however they are expensive. Storage, care, and calibration are more time intensive but as a synthetic nutrient grower I find it essential and well worth the money. I keep 3 in my grow room. 2 Apera instruments blue and one green budget model. I personally calibrate the first Sunday of every month to keep things consistent. Ph meters are like fans and filters, always best to have a good and reliable backup.

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