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THCa flower

Hey Guys, thanks for all the great info. I really enjoy the show. I’m curious about this THCa flower. I live in probitionland and its everywhere down here. I understand the concept and the loophole that allows it to be sold. I’m wondering how it is made, where it comes from. Is it the same plants we are growing? How do they manipulate the testing process. Do they harvest early? Are they dialed in with the environment in such a way that they can manipulate the testing process? I’ve tried some of the THCa flower they sell down here. Its ok, not as good as what I grow, but not bad. IDK. I just find it interesting.




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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Sounds like you’re confused by someone’s marketing. Clear trichome heads are high in CBGa, the precursor to all cannabinoids like THCa and CBDa. Milky trichomes are high in THCa or CBDa at peak maturity. Amber trichomes are high in CBNa as THCa breaks down. There is nothing special about THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acetate). All flower (except hemp) should have high levels of THCa. Delta 9 THC is produced when heat is applied to THCa. The conversion is known as decarboxylation. Flower should not have much if any Delta 9 THC. All cannabinoids (THCa, CBDa, etc.) form as an acetate inside the trichome head until heat (fire) converts them to Delta 9 when we smoke it. It’s why we don’t high when eating fresh flower. To activate flowers or concentrates (edibles) to a psychoactive form, they need to be decarboxylated first with a certain amount of heat over a certain amount of time. To get bud high in Delta 9 THC it must have been dried in someone’s oven or under full sunlight.

  2. Hottdog434 Avatar

    I’m in Virginia and grow my own. I recently got my med card to see what the dispo stuff was like, and find they are selling that THC A stuff. The funny thing is it works, but $90/gram for concentrates at the dispo is a ripoff. After a little search online I find its legal, and can be shipped from state to state. I ordered some from a cbd store in Tennessee for around $12/gram for concentrates, and I got it yesterday and it’s the exact same the they are selling at the dispo. I know it’s hemp with high levels of THC-a which is not psychoactive. Once burned it becomes a psychoactive form of THC. Hell one site has $6/gram if you buy in bulk.

    1. J Mystro Avatar

      THCa is just inactivated THC. If you eat it, nothing. If you smoke it (preferably with some terpenes), you get high.

  3. Ronbo Avatar

    I guess I’m confused about what is hemp. Hemp is cannabis that has a low thc content. They are stating that this stuff has a high THCa content. J Mystro says all flower except hemp has THCa. I’m sure your correct, so are they selling some doctored up hemp or using a loophole to sell the real stuff.

    1. J Mystro Avatar

      I said, “All flower (except hemp) should have high levels of THCa.” Hemp is not some different type of cannabis. It produces THCa like the ‘drug’ varieties. To be considered hemp by current US law, THCa has to be at 0.3% or lower. So my original point was just another way of saying hemp has low levels of THCa. Sorry if I was confusing. 😉

    2. Hottdog434 Avatar

      I think I found your answer, A lawyer breaks down the legality of the loophole. J is right as always.

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