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Pluto Bag Seed in Flower

Hi Again guys, here is a Pluto bag seed girl in her 8th week. Fed her the same as the rest Peanut Butter Breath and the rest of the girls in this run and she’s under a new Infinity LED light. I do cut the light intensity going into flower as I heard that amping up slowly while they go thru transition can help keep away stresses that can effect the plants ability to maximize its potential.

Cool temps also in the beginning of flower  helps bring out colors on all my plants if there’s color in the genes. This girls fan leaves started to turned purple in week 4 of flower. Solid nugs just as I remember her when I got an oz of her and found one bud with 6 seeds in it. I believe its from a Jungle Boys crop which may explain its awesomeness. Grown in a 3 gal pot in a 36 x 20 x 60 tent with a Grimm Glue and both have produced frosty solid nugs and both get chopped this week or next.

Happy New Year DGC!


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  1. Dank willie Avatar

    I never go over half of flower light wattage potential in veg

    Day 1 of flower match your veg ending wattage

    do 33% more light on day 2 of flower than day 1 and OBSERVE PLANTS OVER THE NEXT 30 min.

    Make alterations based on leaf orientation curled down=too much tacoed=too close/too hot preying=perfect

    Slowly dial the light up over the rest of flower by watching the leafs when the light is about to go off if they are still preying then go up a few %

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