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Topping a Tree

Hey DGC, I have a question about topping. Can you top a plant that is almost 6 foot tall and if so how low can it get? It’s still in veg.


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  1. vinman Avatar

    Hi Hottdog, as long as you have time to let the thing reviver before flipping you can top.
    Keep in mind when you do flip shes gonna stretch…ALOT…double in most cases depending on the strain and how strong your light is and your nute program which can help keep a plant from stretching. At that point if vwrtical space is limited you can tie down the branches or start a sog and weave the branches into a net. A second higher net is used to further train the plant into horizontal growth instead of vertical. This also exposes the sides of the branches directly to light, there by increasing yields as bud sites that are normally shaded by the dominate top/tops get more light.
    Wait about 10-14 days to flip and give the branches a chance to develop future bud sites before flipping the lights.
    Hope that helps buddy…good problems to have!!!

  2. Cos_grows Avatar

    Hey! My outdoor this year started getting tall and I prob cut a good 2ft off of prob 25 different branches Then bent it over and tied her down. I’m a scrogger so I’m all about bending and tucking. I used two tomato cages to hold the plant down and it worked really well.

  3. Blooming Life Avatar

    You can always top a plant, whether that is a good idea or not, is another question. The question is why would you want to do that to a six foot tall plant. If that is indoor and you are not in flower yet how big is that room!! If this is outdoors why would you want to giraffe that plant and have two giant poles leaning over, instead of just letting it bush out. But for the sake of experiment and challenge yes you can do this and the time depending on how well you can keep that plant growing. Should not take more than a few weeks done proper and given right environment. If the intent is to kill everything below and start fresh you could always repot cutting down on side of the plant with a razer blade. Exposing inners of the plant and adding clonex on that then planting that scared stem under the soil to allow some healthy root growth since the plant will need it topping so late in the game.

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