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Pot Size for Coco Coir

In a 4×4 gorilla grow, under a 480w hlg-550, I am getting ready to start my first grow Finally!). After much research and the help of many on here, I decided to run Dynagro for Nutes with Recharge added I. Weekly. I am growing in a 70/30 coco/perlite mix. My two main goals, I. This order, is quality and quantity.

I’ve seen many coco growers online say that the sweet spot for Coco, is smaller pot sizes. I see many people online with 3 gal smart pots of coco with a tree coming out of them. I ordered 3 gallon pots based on this info, but they arrived today and they seem very small. What is your opinion on this? According to what I’ve read online, with coco, because it’s inert, it has much better nutrient absorption when the roots are crowded in a smaller size pot.


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  1. weedeatervt Avatar

    I think you’re fine using 3 gals. I always water every day when growing in coco and never had a problem. I used Dynagro on my last indoor grow and was really happy with the results. Good luck.

  2. Rasta_k_ Avatar

    I use a 3 gal radicle bag in a 2x2x4 grow tent. This is my 4th grow and currently have a 2 tents. I use 75/25 coco/ perlite and have 2x 2gal fabric pots in 1 tent and the other a 1gal pot and the 3gal radicle. the 2gallons gave me really good results and so far the 3gal has a 5 day old NY Diesel auto. i’ll keep posted on the grow with the radicle bag as well. i did notice after filling the bag with coco the holes are pretty big compared to what i’ve used before and I think the plants are going to explode in these bags. I think you will see great results in a 3 gal bag. Good Luck!

  3. Chris Wigg Avatar
    Chris Wigg

    Awesome, that’s reassuring! Does anyone have a recommendation on premixed coco blends? I was going to go with Mother Earth as a local hydro store has it for $16/50L, but they were trying to push a brand called “Cyco” on me for $22/50L, so I ended up not buying anything until I do more research on whether there is any significant differences between the two.

  4. BillyBongThornton Avatar

    I grew my first grow ever in coco/perlite. 50/50. in a 5gal fabric pot. i used a coco brick and i pre-buffeded it with calmag and still had calmag deficiency. now i use Cannacoco and perlite at about 60/40 ratio. much much better. buy a good reputable prebuffered coco. I used GH nutes and high frequency fertigation. never just water. treat it as hydro. drain to waste it was an auto by Dinafem from seed. i used an HLG 135w in a 2.5×2.5 tent with some training
    the plant filled the tent. yielded just over 7oz in 82 days from 1 plant .the more perlite and the hotter/dryer your environment the more often(multiple times daily) you will need to fertigate. i was up to 4 times per day in flower.
    im in love with the coco

  5. Coach Steve Avatar

    Instead of thinking pot size, think canopy and choose a strategy to fill the space. You can grow 1 plant in a very large pot or several plants in small pots and everywhere in between. The difference is training techniques and veg time. Soil growing just works better in larger pots, but I wouldn’t say Coco works better is smaller pots. It’s just ridiculous to have a 6 week old plant in 10 gallon pots full of Coco for economic reasons. So, whatever pot size you choose, understand that plants will become root bound at the same rate in a certain size pot whether you fill it with Coco or soil.
    You’re good with the 3 gallon pots 👍🏼

  6. Nunyabizz Avatar

    Well fortunately plants don’t really get root bound in fabric pots.
    But, personally I never use anything less than 5 gallon fabric pots even for coco.
    I like having larger root masses and more medium.
    You’ll have to water more often in tiny pots.

    1. Coach Steve Avatar

      Agreed. They will still fill the pot to it’s limits. I’ve only heard and read that it takes more time to fill the pot with air pruning, but I never get close before I’m in a new, bigger pot.

  7. MoeTrichOhms509 Avatar

    In my opinion, chair core biopots is the best coco on the market if you’re hand watering or they offer a coco cube if you have an automated set up. It’s a dehydrated brick of coco that is wrapped in a fabric pot. TBD slower water is added when hydrating the coco the better it expands and holds its shape. You’ll find the biopots cone in various sizes. I started with the 10L and now use the 8L because it suits my needs better. You might think these are small pots line I first did before I used one. But in telling you now there is a lot of substrate in each bag. This is also when I discovered a 1 gallon pot isn’t actually once gallon and a #5 smart pot isn’t really 5 gallons. I might fit 5 of the “1 gallon pots” that dove is familiar with but thatis are not even close to the mass of a real gallon. I’ve found these pots save me time, money and the mess of transplanting. I go straight from my cloner into the 8L biopot that comes with a pre filled hole for your plant. Hope you look into Chair Coir Coco, it really is the best coco out there.

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  9. Miguel092996 Avatar

    Hey what’s up guys , does any one know if all coco has to be buffered and washed before I decide to mix it with perlite to start the grow I’ve been doing some research on it and saw that I should use cal mag and regular water and put it in there like in a cloth pot and leave it for 8 hours that’s after you already rinsed out all the peat I got Loose coco from growit is that what I have to do

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