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Runoff pH is low growing in coco

Whats up guys, i have a question on my pH runoff being really low between 3.8-4.7. I’m using 1 gal plastic containers in a pre-rinsed coco and perlite mix. I use advanced nutrients sensi grow A and B with 0 ppm water. I make the mix around 600 ppm and 5.8-6.2 for pH. So the mix going in is pH balanced but is it normal for my runoff to be that low? The plant is in its final phase right now, but I have 6 more in veg between 2 days to 10 days old. I just want to make sure I’m dialing in the medium to prevent problems down the road. These are all autoflowers by the way. The one in flower is Kush Auto. And the others are all sprouts still. Auto amnesia, 3x Kush Doctor 2x GG#4 auto. Hope to hear some information soon. Love the show and cant wait for the this Southern state of GA to make some moves before I have to move to start my cannabis career.


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  1. jmystro Avatar

    The reason your run off pH is so low is because the plants are not using all the nutrients you’re giving them. A salt build up will make your coco go acidic quick. This is a very common problem. The pH of your res is very different than the pH of your coco. Both have to be monitored and adjusted. You’ll need to give your coco as good rinse to flush out those extra salts to get the pH up around 5.8 to 6.0. Your plants are getting too much nitrogen also. That’s why the leaves are clawing down and your buds are not very developed.

    1. Rasta_k_ Avatar

      Thanks for the quick reply. I will continue to flush her until the PH balances itself out. I may just switch to distilled water and skip all nutrients until she shows signs of improvements. The plant has only about 3 or maybe 4 weeks left until its ready. So plain 0ppm water should be fine? I’ll also keep the PH 6.2 going into the medium and keep checking runoff. Thanks again!

      1. jmystro Avatar

        After a good flush you’ll need to add some nutrition right away. With your autos in coco, you need to feed a lower ppm everyday.

  2. DreamsInGreen Avatar

    Jmystro is dead on. I commonly run slurry tests bi-weekly on my coco to see where I’m at. Just mix an ounce of your potted coco with an ounce of distilled water; let it settle out for a few minutes and chuck you pH and conductivity pens right in. That should give you a good idea of where you stand with your coco. Document those numbers so you can measure the uptake rate of the plants which can help you further dial in your solution EC. Autos do not need nearly the EC of photo-period plants. In my early years of growing, I would also incur huge pH swings from letting my coco dry out too much, just some food for thought.

    1. Rasta_k_ Avatar

      So I do run into some questionable moments when checking the coco for dryness or wetness. This also goes for my 6 other girls which are only in day 5 to 11. I have the only flowering plant which is pictured and its in 1gal container. When i check the media with a meter and it reads dry about 1.5inches down I then go about 3in down and it reads moist. I know water sitting the media can cause issues and root for but thw rule of thumb ive heard so many timea is when its dry and an inch down you should water. Now I only water normally 1liter (4.5cups) of distilled water. I get about half that amount in runoff. Should i be watering more at one time? I go by weight of the plant. After a full water i feel it and look at it, then after about a day and a half it usually needs more.
      Hope this make sense. Thanks

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