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Rainbow kush auto

Wus up DGC these autos were grown from seed from of course love the point system automatically delicious is the breeder with a old tent and pieced together equipment 3 separate 100 watt lights from vivosun 2×4 tent 5 gal fabric pots cocco locco media and foop nutes and recharge and silica of course I run a whole 2×4 ac infinity kit right next to it just had so many good runs with this ol zeny tent ⛺️ I can’t seem to shut her down can’t wait to meet you all at the cup!!!


8 responses to “Rainbow kush auto”

  1. Hybrid Ohio Avatar

    Looks great, how’s it taste?

    Great work piecing it together.

    1. Anthony Distefano Avatar

      Like gassy berries and hits like a freight train people sleep on autos but man she definitely was one I wished I could of cloned thanks bruv

      1. Hybrid Ohio Avatar

        Auto’s have come a long way. Back in the day anything auto was “lowrider” cross and it was bunk as hell but breeders have been putting in work.

  2. Britt Keen Avatar

    Bro those Nugs look Awesome…. I love the tray with the hands holding the nugs😄😄😄

  3. Travis Doell Sr Avatar

    Beautiful frosty buds man great work i love me some auto’s!! Getting ready to set up my ac infinity 3×3 kit and run some autos in my real buckets with grow dots!! GrowerzLuv✌️

    1. Anthony Distefano Avatar

      Dang what could go wrong with that setup shit get you some good genetics then you off to the races 🏁

  4. Desertdude317 Avatar

    Boy oh boy, my Delicious genetics didn’t come anywhere near that pretty. Nice looking autos fam.

  5. Anthony Distefano Avatar

    Thank you all she taste and hits even better than she looks love messing with autos waiting on photos seed to my bong 90-100 days 🤙

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