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My Second grow

My second grow with three different strains breeders unknown was given the seeds for free to help start my grows. GDP, no purple at all and not much smell coming off this one  (first solo picture)

mandarin orange x sweet og, smells of orange/citrus really coming out it’s looking great has small visuals on purple on the buds and the undersides of leaves hoping to see more come out color wise (second solo picture)

Super skunk, super dense tight buds with trashy ear wax type smell coming off this plant good amount of purple and dark coloring on buds and leaves very sticky (third solo picture).


4 responses to “My Second grow”

  1. Hybrid Ohio Avatar

    Your GDP might not show purple unless you can drop the temperature in your tent to mid to low 60’s, could also need more flowering time if you are not getting any terps. It could also just not be a keeper pheno but give it a week or 2.

    I am not up to speed on this, but I am seeing a lot of 8 week ‘GDP’ my last grow notes for GDP were harvested at 12 weeks and did not show color until weeks 10-11. By harvest 60/40

    1. Hybrid Ohio Avatar

      Some plants take a bit longer to express themselves, my advice is to stay the course and be patient. Harvest your other plants when they are ready but I would mentally prepare yourself to keep the GDP a little longer.

      1. Jumbalia420 Avatar

        I belive it’s just the seeds unfortunately they were just seeds dude gave me at my local hydro store that he said he bred so might not be great genetics my cool dips in the night to around 65-70 with lights off my next grow I bought some seeds off SHN that should be here Monday and hopfully better genetics will make a big difference

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