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Recharge for 1 Autoflower

I am a budget, basement, autoflower grower, one at a time. I grow in five gallon SIPs, using Grow Dots and Recharge. How much Recharge is suggested for each plant per top watering? A gallon is too much and I can’t use it all. If I apply 8 ounces (and my math is right) I would mix in 1.6 grams to 8 oz. Is this right, how to measure this slight amount, and can I overdo it?




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  1. New Leaf Avatar

    The recommended amount is 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. If you had a 1/8 teaspoon you could fill it a quarter of the way. When plants get bigger you can up to 1 teaspoon per gal. Then you would just fill it halfway. You can pretty much use a pinch of the fingers in this case. Do you have any house plants? You could do a half gallon at 1/4 teaspoon and feed the rest to some of the house plants….

  2. ThChrMn Avatar

    I use the Real Growers Bucket system. The bucket for the media/plant is 3.5 gallons.

    I mix up: 1-Tablespoon of Epsom Salt and 2.5 grams of recharge in one gallon of water. I water each plant 1/2 gallon once per week. I just pour the 1/2 gallon on top and let’er eat. My plants have been loving it.

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