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Flowing under 13 hours of light

What’s up DGC?!? I recently read a paper from the University of Guelph that tested a 13 hour lights on period for flowering photoperiod plants and they claim to have seen a 35% increase in yield with about a week delay in the flower cycle.

Broscience logic it makes sense, but does it work, and what are the trade offs – cannabinoids?

Anyone tried this one?


2 responses to “Flowing under 13 hours of light”

  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    OK this is gonna be HOE SIENCE….. I actually believe that the yield was increased. However, I picture it being dry, naked, organic matter that is actually accumulating in higher amounts. In addition, the extra hour could be that tipping point in a room where it gets a few degrees hotter. The possibility of light degradation is increased. Someone should try it and show us the product. I’m two chicken there’s a few wheels, I’m not interested in reinventing if I already have the supplies to do at the tested way. Curious to see what the others will say that have LED lighting. Or CO2. They think they are invincible. I disagree. There’s a finite amount of resource in that plant. If you’re pushing the envelope, you’re cruising for a Bruisin.

  2. NayHay Avatar

    Yes, I’ve tried it. I had a very cold room and I thought an extra hour of light/heat would help. One variety, Irie Genetics Orangegasm got totally larfy from it. It did flower and was big, but a mess. I imagine “indica” plants would tolerate it better since they start flowering outside around 13/11. You might want to go from 24/0 to 13/11 just to make it clear to your plants what you expect.

    If you want to put more light hours into your flowering, I’d suggest 18/6 for the last two weeks of flower as described by Rasta Jeff. I’ve done this many times and I’m not really sure it results in bigger yields (I don’t really track them), but it definitely speeds up reveg and it does seem to speed up finishing a bit.

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