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Side Lighting and 18/6 cycle in last week of flower

One doesn’t hear much about this ; have used side lighting (12by12 full spectrum Led panels) But know use 12by12 “blue” spectrum (only) panels for veg and “red” 121by12’s for flower. Side lighting can increase yields ! what is best 12by12’s or bars ? maybe bars due to light  spread/intensity. I do see were Infinity Tents offers side lighting.    RECENTLY Have  read about this: use 18/6  cycle last week of flower  to increase bud size, ect. But  should one use “veg” spectrum or just bump=up the hrs on flower spectrum ? for get the reasoning of this cycle, maybe stress. At any rate going to try this next grow.   If one uses  “dark times” before harvest would still use.   Comments welcome and valued !!!!!!!  another reason to use  side lighting is that it can help decrease flower stretch But increases lateral branching and bud sites.


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  1. NayHay Avatar

    Side lighting: more light, more growth, provided the light is the limiting factor. I started out back in the Photron days and fluorescent lighting, so I’ve used side lighting a lot, even with LEDs. I think I uploaded a picture of Prana which grew super dense and short with side lighting. If you’re growing a Cookies strain you may notice extra colors in flower because those varietals don’t seem to enjoy the extra light and it seems the color shift is a stress response. So I’d suggest you find dimmable or somewhat weak LEDs for side lighting since they will probably be very close to the plants anyway.

    18/6 (or any extra hours of light in flowering, 20/4, 14/10, whatever) the color of light isn’t considered, just the amount of light.

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