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Va Cultivation Permit

Came across this and thought; wow, we’re back to using ‘Scarlet Letters’ to show the public our intentions(?) Also thought this was an astounding amount – to even cultivate for A patient. We all can do the math as we all have an amount we must “live off of”..but damn 60K…70K+ the first year?!  10 plants per or collect another permit. Even after the first year..Do the math. only 450 permits allowed in Va right now…Bring that number up would bring that 60K down a bit I would think and hope – one day.

When the recreational marijuana program implementation commences, an applicant for a marijuana cultivation facility license in Virginia will be required to:

A pharmaceutical processor permit, which enables holders to cultivate medical marijuana and dispense it to registered patients, has a $10,000 application fee. Successful applicants must also pay a $60,000 fee before they are issued their permits. Pharmaceutical processor permits are only valid for one year and must be renewed annually. The renewal fee for a pharmaceutical processor permit in Virginia is $10,000.


3 responses to “Va Cultivation Permit”

  1. Green Ogre Farms Avatar

    Do you have the link to this information? Is this on the CCA website? That sounds more like the licensing fees for the regional medial providers.

  2. Bongtech Avatar

    I looked into this and there is far more involved you have to own the location outright and many others its damn near impossible without corporate financeing and can be turned down after a 10k registration they keep the dough even of its a no

  3. NayHay Avatar

    Most states’ version of “Legalization” is just Prohibition 2.0. Same with cocaine in some South American countries where it is legal. Legal meaning rich people can have cocaine parties with a kilo on the table, but poor people with two tiny baggies go to prison for distribution.

    By making the permitting costs so high the new age prohibitionists will ensure only the wealthy can buy and profit from legal herb, but poor folks will go to prison for running “drug labs” (garden) and “drug distribution” (selling a little to a friend).

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