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Snoop’s AppleFrizzle by Elev8 Seeds w/Grow Dots and Recharge

This is my first run with grow dots so I’m doing a side by side against a super soil mix. They receive the same amount of water and recharge regiment a couple times a week and a little added silica every couple of weeks. Both are trimmed and trained the same. The tall lady on the left is in Pro-mix/work castings(75/25) medium with grow dots. Her sister is also in Pro-mix/worm castings (75/25) with Down to Earth organic nutrients. They will both be 5 weeks old(4 in veg) after transplant this Saturday. You can clearly see a difference in performance. Scotty I am sold on your product!! Btw thank you for answering my question on the most recent DGC episode, I truly appreciate the guidance.


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