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Soil temp for using Grow Dots

I was just watching DGC and heard that the soil temp has to be right for the Grow Dots to work. I’m going to use Grow Dots on my next run. Can you please explain a little more. I’m trying to squeeze a dime out of a nickel with some sketchy genetics.


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  1. Dave (SoDak) Avatar

    Howdy, Grow Dots lover here! Just getting into the extended release for my Jack Herer mom. New to cloning too. I keep up to 18 gallons of water PH’ed, and always let it get to room temperature in my lung room. My tent runs at 76F and my water is usually about 72 or 73F when I’ve checked. My best advice is to not overthink things. They just work.

  2. J Mystro Avatar

    Soil temp is not a concern for Grow Dots in a grow room with the right environmental conditions.

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