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Can they be saved?

I came home to this!  During the snowstorm today, the power strip clicked that runs my heater that keeps this underground room in the 80° F range for winter.  They were in the dark all day and the temp must have gone down into the 40°F, the high was 15°F today and the roof is 4” of concrete with no insulation. I run my lights at night in winter to help with the temperature. Can they be saved?  Any ideas?  Don’t know the strains, just misc. bag seed from Soup.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Damn, sorry about your bad luck. 40F is not usually cold enough to wilt most genetics. It must have gotten below freezing. The exposure may have been long enough to be fatal. I’ll check with the magic 8 ball.

    1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
      Thundarr the Budbarian

      Thank J. It may have gotten below freezing, don’t know. Anything to do besides get the temp back up and hope? Other than the magic 🎱? 😀

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    My condolences! I have never so far seeing a plant get this cold. I am curious have you seen any recovery? Or did it actually kill?

    1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
      Thundarr the Budbarian

      This was yesterday. Today they showed no improvement with 12 hours of light and about 80°F. I’m going to keep going until I’m certain they’re gone. Thanks.

      1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

        Yeah, maybe they just got real sad. I got this beta fish. He seems sad when the weather is cold. He is not thriving or excelling. But he’s alive. Maybe that’s where you’re at

        1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
          Thundarr the Budbarian

          Maybe they’re just hibernating like a grizzly bear? I’m still holding out some hope.

  3. NayHay Avatar

    If they are that wilted from cold (not bone dry soil) then they’re toast. I’ve had plants with snow on them look reasonably healthy, although a little wilty.

    But if you want to let it ride, I’d recommend watering with 90F water to help raise the soil temp closer to 70F.

    1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
      Thundarr the Budbarian

      They are on sip buckets, raised off the floor, with seedling mats under the buckets. When they were healthy, two show constant signs of slight overwatering with the sip bucket system. When I weekly water with recharge water, those two get real bad for the next day then recover. I will empty my reservoir and fill with 90° water tonight and see. I don’t think they’ll make it though. Thanks.

  4. J Mystro Avatar

    Any problem that makes a plant wilt needs to be fixed within a few minutes. 5 minutes is too long. Any longer and they will not recover. Sorry, these plants are not going to recover.

    1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
      Thundarr the Budbarian

      Damn. I believe you but I’m not letting them go down without a fight. Thanks for the help J.

  5. RASUFA Avatar

    I’m kind of feeling the same mortality vibe everyone else is. It happens man. Next run that won’t happen🤞🏼

    1. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
      Thundarr the Budbarian

      Thanks RASUFA, I’m still not letting them go without a fight.

  6. NayHay Avatar

    I’ve seen plants that were wilted that bad for days recover, but that was simply drought stress. Cold stress wilting I don’t know. Good luck and let us know!

  7. Thundarr the Budbarian Avatar
    Thundarr the Budbarian

    After five days, I’ve found two branches on one plant that appear to have alive leaves and a few small buds. I’ll trim back everything but those two branches and hope. Thanks for the help and advice DGC.

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