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Spider mite weed… is it safe?

DGC I haveProfessional question:

Is it safe to smoke spidermites and or any potential webbing?
I’m in the middle of my first ever bout of spidermites. Week 7 of flower.
I think I’m winning I used cold water spray, sb plant invigorator then Skram plant protector (both say they are safe natural non toxic, ok for in flower use), lowering temps and a daily hoover over the tops of my canopy. The veg 2ft away completely unaffected.

There is none or very very little visible webbing that I can see but its been a fight. The Predators (Phytoseiulus persimilis) are on the way and will be here in under 24 hours.  Hopefully they eradicate my problem in the last so weeks before harvest and for good.  Is there any danger in drying curing and consuming this crop. Is it safe to smoke?

Get well soon Jmystro 💚


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m doing a little better. I’ll be back in the grow soon enough. As far as bugs are concerned. I don’t entertain pests. Ever, under no circumstance. Smoking bugs must be a personal preference I guess. There’s really no fix for an infestation. I’ve never recommended fighting pests because you’ll put in way more than you’ll get out. I’d cut my losses and start over after a serious cleaning. Trying to treat them will only give them time to spread and fuck you later. Learning the hard way sucks. sorry I have no good news. I’m sure others will try to convince you to ruin your crop anyways by spraying some bullshit on them.

  2. Paddy O’Toker Avatar

    Won’t the predators do the business?

    I appreciate the wise advice. Normally i treat it like gospel but this time I have 3 weeks till harvest. I know I should cut it down and start over but I need the harvest.

    Will it still be smokable? And safe to smoke?

  3. J Mystro Avatar

    Predators will help but don’t expect them to eliminate the problem before harvest. You can smoke bugs. Plenty of people do.

  4. RichyBee Avatar

    So couple things you can hang your plants after harvest and probably notice a lot of the mites will congregate at the top of the stem. Mites seem to move up the ladder as it were as the plant dries but this will not get rid of the eggs they left behind . Once the buds are dry jar them but use sticky trap paper as a lid for the first couple of weeks . Again the mites will move up and out of your jars, as there is nothing left for them to eat . Its scary to see the literally millions of tiny black dots that will be stuck to the sticky paper . Unfortunately you are still left with the poop . So just remember Chong was smoking Labrador ! So the rest is up to you .

    1. Paddy O’Toker Avatar

      I hope they don’t survive the predator assault tbh but good idea to trap them.

  5. HydroDawg Avatar

    I’ve had some spider mite issues and using predator bugs really served me well. I didn’t have an infestation and caught them early. I also ordered about 10x the recommended predator bugs because I didn’t want to risk losing the crop. This happened on two consecutive grows and I’m neurotic with regards to cleanliness and scrubbing my grow. Despite that, they kept coming back.

    I’m now on a subscription with Nature’s Good Guys and I get 25 sachets per months and hang them in the garden. I keep an ongoing population of predator bugs and it costs me about $35 a month w/shipping.

    No more mites!!!!

  6. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    This is what you sell to the middle school kids! Cleanliness is close to godliness… You want to be a WEED GOD?

    1. Paddy O’Toker Avatar

      🤣 you are too much, which is exactly the right amount.
      You know I do! That’s why. Need all the latest Hoe-Science to get me in that top shelf, quads Dude quads.

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