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StrainHunters/GreenHouseSeeds FrancosLemonCheese

Soil grown in 10gallon pot. Canna Terra , Rizo, enzyme & boost from Cannas line. Stop feeding betvin week 6 & 7. Worm castingen & barley SST every 10days. No spill, No pesticides or fungicides, No oil or neem, No sprays period. #CleanGreen

Powerd by 3x Migro array 4’s LED( 1x last gen pro+300w, 2x 4’s 250w etch 3500k )mixt with 2x 600w Digital HPS 2000 kelvin bulds. Starting week 3 flower and 2 hours midd day 36w UV-A 75% & 25% super cold blue leds untill hit’n week7 switch  to UV-B 3x 18w t8 fixtures from Migro 2 hours midd day till harvest day 68. Finisht with 4 hits of  WinterFrost.

Her strukture alone makes her intresting. SemiHardNug & heavy, extremly sticky, like 10 sissor change every 1houer kind of sticky. 8 out of 10 in pure loadness pre dry, lemon sweetness ala classic lemonskunk type, deep complex bak-end from the cheese.

Cant whait for the toke.



4 responses to “StrainHunters/GreenHouseSeeds FrancosLemonCheese”

  1. Thc4everything Avatar

    dank is an understatement ! amazing job!

  2. Kyle Hines Avatar

    Looks great ! I have three Franco’s lemon cheese about to flip this week. I’ve grew it a couple times shes definitely a keeper .

  3. Northernlight kind NLK Avatar

    Thx 🙏. I agree, this one is definitely a keeper. I also like that every pak sold kicks over some of your $ to a fond for Francos kids school. This x-mast i got a whole bunch of 3paks as gifts from the old world send out to friends in the new world /north America and Australia./ Cant whait to se if/when Dude pops the pak i got him this holiday.
    I was redy with scrog nets and plant jojo’s to support it cos I wredd that she needs the extra support but on this one I only needed to put her just under a fixt metal scrog net when moved into flower room, she did her stretchy fase thru it and she did not need eny more support even tho the tops grew 1,5-2,5 feet over the net. Whats your experience with this cultivar? Did i luck out with this pheno that have such a great build & stem strength ? Im asking cos im poping more of them, do I need to be redy to give much more support on her systers…
    Growers love & cheers 🙏🤙

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