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Strawberry Milk & Qookies by NightOwl

I grew four of these. 3 indoors and one outdoors. They’re an autoflower and I chose to enter the outdoor one into the Real Growers Challenge. I figured not too many people would enter outdoor nugs/grows into this challenge.

This strain grows fairly tall for an autoflower (far taller indoors vs outdoors) and is the densest, terpiest and most sticky nugs I have grown to date including the outdoor. It performed well outside and seemed mold and mildew as well as pest resistant. It was grown only with Grow Dots and Recharge. The only thing I would change is next time I would plant in a raised bed versus a pot so the plant gets bigger next time.  I am including only shots of the outdoor here since it’s my entry in the Real Growers Challenge but there are plenty of shots of the indoor on my IG account @mainegirlgrows. Thank you for the opportunity to show off this amazing Sun grown autoflower that clearly has impeccable genetics.


3 responses to “Strawberry Milk & Qookies by NightOwl”

  1. TJDirtsniffer Avatar

    Plant looks great. I hate to say it but the challenge is for indoor grows. See if you can re enter an indoor one. Those finished nugs could fool me as indoor, hell as a photo as well. Bangin job bro

    1. TJDirtsniffer Avatar

      Haha shebro haha sorry didn’t even see your name der. Sorry

  2. The Husband and Wife Grow Team Avatar
    The Husband and Wife Grow Team

    Agree with TJ. It looks amazing! Autoflowers are getting shit figured out! Great job

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