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Lemon Gelato X Sour Apple from Humboldt Seed Company

Lemon Gelato X Sour Apple Auto from Humboldt Seed Company. Grown in  pre-amended soil then started General Hydroponics  Maxi Series after week 4. Wasn’t a big yielder but smokes great and was absolutely one of the stinkiest strains I’ve ever grown.


3 responses to “Lemon Gelato X Sour Apple from Humboldt Seed Company”

  1. SunnyinBectopia Avatar

    Such a huge surprise… Humboldt always bringing it

  2. Vinman1 Avatar

    That’s a hot mix. I wouldn’t expect much yield from a single auto..they (breeders) usually tell you to do 5 at a time for yield. But they will vary in geno I’ve found. The nice thing is if you like the auto version you can then get the female version and grow out some weight!
    Congrats on the harvest!

    1. Vinman1 Avatar

      btw: Just to be clear, what I mean by “hot mix” is the strain you grew..sour apple and Lemon gelly sounds like fire and looks like fire.
      Congrats again!

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