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Terpinator Review

Not sure if this has been reviewed before or not, but, I wanted to share my experience in using the “mysterious” product Terpinator. For the test, I used two strains, Barney’s LSD, and Barney’s Pineapple Chunk.

I used Terpinator on one plant in each strain while not using it on its sister sitting next to her. All plants were started from seed, which some may discredit these findings based upon the possibility of different phenos within each strain. Although, this may be possible, both test plants using Terpinator, exuded the same characteristics in flower, which leads me to believe it was the Terpinator and not simply a different pheno within the strains.  

Initially, during the test, if you were to ask me what I thought? I would have told you “that I thought it was snake oil”. The Plants that used Terpinator at first appeared to produce smaller bud sites and the overall height of the plants was smaller as well.  

My Growroom sits above my garage and the heat has been a bitch this summer for me. My room has hit 90+ on a couple of occasions. What I thought was bigger bud sites on the plants NOT using Terpinator, was in fact, the plant stretching to cool itself off or the popular term Foxtailing occurred.

The test plants using Terpinator appeared bushier, the bud sites formed more tightly dense nugs compared to a more airy bud from the non-test plants, and they are way more aromatic as one would expect from a product called Terpinator. It really is a noticeable difference in smell. From an eye test it didn’t appear any more Trich production was achieved over the Non Terpinator plants.  

Another interesting observation was that I needed much less support on the plants using Terpinator. This may be due to the non–test plants being taller and stretching more, but we are talking a couple of inches here, not a foot or more (literally less than 6in difference in height, but way bushier).  

I will update on potency differences and flavor once harvested but all indications lead me to believe similar results will occur.   All in all, I will give it my thumbs up, I will test it again, though, using a more moderate climate to see if the results are less pronounced when excess heat is removed from the equation. I would love to know of others observations as well if anyone else has done any side by side tests.    

Thanks for reading!  

Peace out SnotBubbles.  

P.S. Sorry J, I didnt see how to post to any place else on the site, as this really isn’t a growers question.


  1. Jmystro Avatar

    No worries Snotbubbles. Organizing is kinda my thing here. 😉

  2. Veg SCROG Bloom Avatar
    Veg SCROG Bloom

    What up Snotbubble? I have ran the Terpinator in a side by side too and the same things were seen by me to. The plants bushed out more and the nodes were tighter. The buds got thicker and the smell off the charts. So run the can fan on hi.Well grower growers love and keep up the great work. PS Try to through in so Mammoth P next time and cut down the ml.on the trpinator I think you might like what you see then too…

  3. FishGanjaGuy Avatar

    Good read Snotty McBubbles. Looking forward to further reviews.

  4. shynee1 Avatar

    a friend of mine was sponsored by terpinator and blessed with a very large amount to do a youtube review. his results were great! but he told me that powdered milk in your soil or added to your watering in flower will bring out the terpenes that we are looking at terminator to do. basically it does the same thing, I’ve been using both.

  5. Parlay DaDon Avatar
    Parlay DaDon

    Great post! I’ve always eyed this product. Thanks for sharing your experience. Grower’s Love!

  6. Chronic Gains Avatar
    Chronic Gains

    Great post
    I have been using this product for awhile now. Works great on my lemony strains.

    Only thing that sucks about it is that its expensive. And mostly water… with a little potasium sulfate and dark brown sugar mixed in.

    Im going to try mixing up my own at home. Instead of paying 70$ a gallon it will be around 5$ a gal if it works out.

  7. Andrew Avatar

    Hey Everyone! My name’s Andrew and I work with Rhizoflora who makes Terpinator. Thank you for the review SnotBubbles, we appreciate you giving Terpinator a run. If you ever have any questions or are interested in our recommended dosage program (usage rates are pretty vague on the bottle) always feel free to give me a call at 800-681-1757 and I’d love to share what we’ve found works best for getting the most bang for your buck.

    @Chronic Gains – There’s definitely more ingredients than Potassium Sulfate and carbohydrates in Terpinator. The ingredients that give Terpinator its kick are organic plant extracts and enzymatically based (phytoalexins and phytochemicals). We don’t really go too into detail on the ingredients listing on the label because this product was 6 years in the making and sometimes when you’ve put that much work into something, you’d like to enjoy its success. I would still recommend supplementing with carbohydrates during the crucial times of flower to make sure your plant has enough carbohydrates to reach its maximum potential as well as to feed your mycorrhizae and microbes in the soil when the plant gets stingy with its providing carbs to the root zone.

    If anyone else has any questions or would just like to tell me about their experiences, my email is . Thanks again and happy growing folks!

  8. Dirt McGirt Avatar
    Dirt McGirt

    @Chronic Gains : did you have any success mixing up your own? I am curious if you were able to figure out the correct amounts to use .. and also do you have a source for the ingredients?

  9. LagunitasOG Avatar

    I have used Terpinator with my current grow and have seen some great results. The recommended application rate in flower is too high though- It recommends using 10-15ml per gallon in bloom- I kept it at 5ml per gal throughout my grow and had good results. I would totally recommend over an expensive bloom boostah

  10. Jk Avatar

    Mamoth p guys give up on that snake oil terpinator it mostly water you have to use way to much

  11. budganjaman Avatar

    Thanks for the review Mr Snotbubbles. I have been eyeballing this product for a while and am willing to give it a try though after reading Chronic Gains reply I am thinking about the powdered milk? Never heard of this before. Def have to do some more research.

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  15. Kinda Thirsty Avatar
    Kinda Thirsty

    Thanks for the review Mr. SB!! I’ve been kicking around using Terpinator.

    I keep my arsenal small, but it sounds like a good addition. Think I’ll give it a go. I love those terps!

    I read your post a couple of times. Did I read that maybe Terpinator afforded some protection to heat stress, as it didn’t foxtail when it’s sisters did?

  16. Anonymous


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