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Trichomes are cloudy but Stigma are still white

Hey Dude, Scotty and Guru!

First I’d like to say that you guys have been the equivalent of an online encyclopedia to me in my very first grow. I am currently beginning week 7 of flower. I have noticed although my trichomes are almost all cloudy, most of the pistils are still white. I’m confused.

Should I start flushing or is it too soon? I’ve always heard there trichomes are what I should go by but I really don’t want this grow to to go south at the very end.

The strain is Abominable Titan from seeds by 42. I also have a Gelato I started flowering the same day and it is just the opposite. Red pistils but the trichomes are still somewhat clear. I’m stoned and confused, can you help me out?



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  1. jmystro Avatar

    White stigma protruding from mature calyx are rare but does happen. Most of the time white stigma are from immature calyx like in your pictures. A truly mature plant will have swollen all calyx, even at the apical growth. Your buds are pretty immature still.

  2. Chad.Westport Avatar

    Good call by jmystro. Looks like they have a bit to go yet. Keep an eye on the trichomes, they may not go amber for awhile.

  3. SunnyinBectopia Avatar

    But does he have two weeks left? He wants to start flushing. Honestly I don’t think you can hurt anything by withdrawing nudes. I am also a chronic plant starver though. At this stage I feel like they will only be better with less nutrients. Especially if you have two more weeks to go seems like now would be the time. I don’t really flush though so, don’t look in my toilet.

    1. DTOM420 Avatar

      It’ll really depend on the strain. “Strain dependent” as Scotty and the Dude love to say. Lol! I mean, if it’s an 8 week strain it might be ok to stop feeding now but if it’s a long flowering sativa that’s going to go 10 weeks or even more, then it’s way to early to stop feeding. That’s where knowing or researching your strain(s) Is critical.


  4. Mr.AnonymousbecauseFloridasucks Avatar

    Is the age-old tip of not harvesting to your stigmas are red is that bro science? Me and a friend were talking about it the other day and I was telling him to look at the tricomes but they said they were just going to look at the stigmas whenever they turned two thirds red and harvest then, my question is will he get a mature harvest or over mature harvest by doing that thanks in advance for all the knowledge dropped on here!

    1. Coach Steve Avatar

      That is strain dependant. If you know your strain well, you may be able to tell when it’s done without looking close. Otherwise it is only a guess.
      To go deeper, the trichomes give you a good idea when it’s done, but only the smoke test and trials will tell you when it’s perfectly done. Even that is subjective to the smoker.

    2. DTOM420 Avatar

      As Coach said, it’s strain dependent. It’s not really “bro” science because it’s definitely an indicator. Back before we knew about examining trichomes with a magnifier (yes, I’m that old) we used hairs as one of our indicators. We waited until they were almost all red or just after they all turned red. It works but it’s not as accurate as looking at the trichomes on the buds. It’s like color tv vs black and white or, a better analogy would be, judging by the hairs is like watching TV on a 1980’s TV and looking at the trichomes is like watching high def footage on a 4K TV. Both work but one option is WAY better than the other. Lol.

  5. TerpBender Avatar

    are judging tric color on the calyx only?

    1. mr.natural Avatar

      Yes it is, Terp.

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