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Trying indoor

Hi all! I’ve been growing outside for 3 years now and love it! I want to start a small scale indoor grow with a small tent to hold just 1-2 Autoflowers do they make a small size tent like that? Could I get a kit with everything I’d need? I sure appreciate any advice DGC!!


3 responses to “Trying indoor”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Check the DGC Pros page for deals.
    A small tent, Grow Dots and Recharge will get ya started.

  2. Slayer420 Avatar

    Definitely recommend at least a 2×4 tent if you want to run 2 autos at once. Autos still get a bad wrap, but when done right they can get big! 🤘🪴💚

  3. Codank69420 Avatar

    AC infinity has a full kit that looks like a good deal. I run two autos in 5 gallon buckets in a 20″ by 36″ and it can get full so I’d recommend getting a 2×4 tent if you have the space!

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