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The Real Week 1 and Feed Charts

Ok so this one has really been nagging at me.   For months actually every time I water I have thought of this. I have heard many times people and it seems like Dude and Scotty talking about they don’t really count the first week after flip as week 1 of flower.  Which makes sense as the plant is still switching all its metabolic processes over.  However I use the gh 10 part nute system with some alterations like no rapid start and additions  (Recharge and mendo ave and just adding winter frost) but that is beside the point…..their feed chart just starts at week one and doesn’t really reference any flip over period.

I guess what I am asking is when following the chart do I start the nutes as normal week one after flip or do I give them that for two weeks and then move all my nute changes a week further to compensate?  For example on week 3 when you change what you are feeding should I be waiting till week 4 to switch due to that week where flower never really initiated but was still switching.


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Feed charts are only a guide. The perfect ratio and concentration of elements for every stage of development isn’t sold in a bottle. You’ll need to experiment over several grow cycles with the specific plant your growing to know what it wants. The day the light cycle is set to 12-12, is day 1 of flower. Which is technically the start of the transition to flower. On this feed chart, Early Bloom is week 1 and 2 of flower. If you know the plant you are growing takes longer than 3 weeks to transition, then you might want to consider using veg nutes the first week of flower. This is very much plant dependent.

    1. BarelyBurningBurleyBurnHardt Avatar

      Thanks for the info. I start seeing a change in the leaf look on top almost the next day after flip, within that first week there is noticeable change in the plant look and growth. Usually within 2 weeks I am seeing what I consider the start of the flower tight leaf formation, hairs. This plant has been stopping the stretch completely by end of week 3. I would say it finishes at the normal 8 week time usually if not earlier when there aren’t issues. There are some that are 1 week apart and some that are a week or two further than that of the same type. I will make a new post soon and take pics as I have a couple ? about them as well. What I guess I wanna know really is the proper timing to switch the nutrient concentrations… as you say the chart is a guide and I had issues with a couple of them so wondering if and how that would slow things. Btw heard the latest show and wanted to say… Hope your recovery is easy and complete, sending best wishes and prayers. Thanks for helping me so many times over the years. Have been away for seems like forever, glad to be back.

  2. hulie Avatar

    yes sir the first day of 12/12 is day # 1 of flower.. and those feed charts all of them why they start of with small amounts is you start low in veg then move up & up two be ware ever your at in veg with fertalizer than you start of the same in flower real small amounts that way the week amounts can sorta flush out the excess nitrogen a bit.. then they move up and up two give the plant the strength it needs two do well in growth and life… i enjoy a little hydrozyme at the end of veg and flower in the water helps the plant break the fertalizer down a bit faster and use up the excess in there as far as amounts… but that is general you can really use the fertilizer in there amounts witch are always high half the suggested amounts is a good place two start and if the plant looks like it is not enough or it needs more a simple feeding adjustment can fix everything… way two grow,, but for sure 12/12 or 11/13 what ever is day one… way two grow

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