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Weird twisting fan leaves

Hey Guys –

Been listening for a while now but this is my first questions.

I have this weird twist going on in the fan leaves of my Kimbo Kush. I think it’s a Magnesisum deficiency but not sure. They are in 5 gallon pots and have only been getting ph’d water with a little kelp and rootamentary every 4-5 days. Just gave them a flush and was gonna start some food with some extra calmag starting next watering. Any thoughts?


  1. Jmystro Avatar

    Many different stresses can cause twisting but the most common are large pH swings, drastic temp/humidity swings etc. Is this picture taken under hps light or is that the true leaf color? Are you using cal/mag now? Sometimes when people use too much calcium (Ca2+ a cation which is a positively charged ion) for example, end up binding elements like phosphate (PO3−4 an anion which is a negatively charged ion) causing lockout. Opposites do attract. Purple leaf stems and small leaves are usually the first sign of this. I cringe when I hear Scotty say to error on the side of caution and add extra cal/mag when it’s usually not needed for most growers not using r/o. So many variable to say with just a picture of a leaf.

  2. oldgoldgardens Avatar

    Hi Jmystro – thanks for the response. This pic was taken under hps lights. I have sunsystem ac/de hoods. The lights are dialed back to 600 now. I have not used any calmag yet. The leaves are a nice dark green. I don’t think it’s a heat stress. My room is staying around 74 degrees.

  3. Jmystro Avatar

    High heat stress would cause taco leaves that can also happen with a large humidity drop. If the new growth continues to twist then you’ll know it’s not a one time variable that swung out of control for a short time and it’s a persistent problem like your mediums pH or even possibly the genetics if you’ve never grown the plant before. If you only see it on a few leaves then it could be nothing too serious. If you see a lack in vigor from a plant you know well, then the problem could be serious.

  4. Sir Coughsalot Avatar
    Sir Coughsalot

    Could training cause twisted leaves? I have a few twisted leaves on my Auto Ultra Lemon Haze, but I figured they twisted when I had the top few node sets bunched up into a pony tail to let light to the bottom branches. I think growing while bunched up causes the leaves to do funny things…. Lemme get a picture and we’ll se if it is similar.

  5. Jmystro Avatar

    Sir Coughsalot, I have no doubt that overcrowded branches bunched together could cause the leaves to do funny things from a lack of space. Twisted leaves are not the end of the world and plants usually correct themselves or better yet, the microbes find balance again if the stress was a short term issue. It’s usually a sign of short period stresses that don’t last long enough to cause deficiencies. Allowed to persist and they can lead to bigger problems. Leaves can twist in minutes while other issues like mineral deficiencies could take a week or more to show once a problem starts.

  6. Sir Coughsalot Avatar
    Sir Coughsalot

    Here’s what I have:

    A little different, but similar… I get this a lot early on when training for yield (from seed especially) and consider it a good sign of vigorous growth. The leave are growing so fast that they grow around anything confining them.

  7. MichiganMatt Avatar

    Sir- I’ve had seeds do that often but never clones. Not sure why, interested in hearing.

  8. Sir Coughsalot Avatar
    Sir Coughsalot

    I think it’s like Scotty has said… Good seeds always seem to explode with vigor while clones are more slow and steady.

  9. budganjaman Avatar

    I have a cut of Gorilla Wreck 4 from Cannaventure Seeds that does it every cycle. I grow in no-till soil with all organic inputs. No problems just really potent frosty buds.

  10. Jmystro Avatar

    I hate to say it but the seed whores showed up after legalization and now anyone can call themselves a breeder on social media.

  11. dementedrob


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