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What are those?????

Ok, so I thought I had lost my touch lately on popping seeds. I’ve NEVER had issues before I’ve had 1 or 2 here and there not break ground or come up with a issue but the last probably 20 beans I’ve popped I’ve had very few actually grow. I didn’t really look in the soil much after I just pulled the beans out and started a new one but i noticed some small bugs eating the seeds I popped a few days ago and I’m assuming this is what has been happening to the last couple ones. I’ve been trying this was a new soil mix I grabbed from a local grow store. I was only using it to pop seeds in and I’m pretty sure this is the same time I started having the issues with popping beans, but what are these things? What can I do to get rid of them or toss the bag of soil? I’ve never had this issue before I usually start in pure coco with Recharge added but I was trying to use this happy frog mix this time.



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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Those are fungus gnat larvae. Fungus gnat larvae will eat the shit out of seedlings and is why I’d only use fresh Canna Coco out of the bag with seedlings, especially when you have gnats.

    1. Loverofthestickynugz Avatar

      Thank u sir that is what they look like from looking online I haven’t seen them before I guess this bag did have alot in it when I purchased it I’ve got rid of most of them I didn’t see but a few flying ones around the clones but that’s definitely what it looks like better stay with pure coco like I have in the past.. if it ain’t broke don’t fix it I guess right Thanks again mystro always appreciate your info bro! 🙏

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