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When do plants start to flower outside in michigan?

Hey guys ands gals, I recently found out my mom’s plants died earlier this year when it froze in Michigan late as fuck (I think it was around 4/20 but I dont remember exactly tbh). I’ve got a bunch of clones on hand so I wanted to give her a few so she has something to harvest this season? I guess my real question is, when do plants start to flower in Michigan and should I put then in my flower tent if she’s going to be planting them after flower would start outside or just let nature do its thing? Thanks, y’all have always been great help!


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  1. TJDirtsniffer Avatar

    I’m a little bit south of you and i usually notice my plant start stretching in the beginning of august and start to see bud sites mid to late august.

  2. Bigwrd420 Avatar

    As a rule of thumb, I had been taught that August 15 was outdoor flowering start time. I may have been misinformed, but it seems about then that I start to notice some changes. I am in upstate NY and I have to harvest before the end of October, which is 10-11 weeks. Indicas do way better than sativas outside around here. I think that’s awesome that you want to help your mom!
    Stay elevated.

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