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Swollen Calyx?

Hello Scotty, Dude and rest of the crew!

I am wondering is this what a swollen calyx looks like? I have been growing for about a year but not seen buds get this big at the tips and wondering if this is the swollen calyx is and is it desirable?

Or is this a more sativa type of bud structure? I have up to now grown more indica dominant stains and this girl might be more sativa dominant?

This girl is Purple Jack (GDP x Jack Herer) from Irvine Seeds. Just ended week 8 of flower. The trichomes are still more clear so I plan to keep her going another week. Big buds and frost everywhere my favorite grow to date.


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  1. jmystro Avatar

    Many new growers will often see a swollen pre-flower calyx and mistake it for a seed pod after it’s gone through utter frustration from not being pollinated. Mature, unpollinated buds can finish almost round. The biggest yield determining factor are the finished size of the bract we call bud, aka calyx, as calyxes are the outer leaf layer trichomes form on. They form and “mature” in stages. Genetics determine how they’ll structurally group to form a flower’s structure on the stem. Dense clusters or wispily staggered for example. All influenced heavily by hormones. Hormone ratios change through maturity, triggered my mineral ratios, enzymatic functions and other environmental factors, causing the calyx to plump during proper senescence. These false seed pods will only mature completely given enough time and under the right conditions. Mineral ratios available during senescence do matter and is why products like Winter Frost exist. There is no mistaking a truly finished plant. If there is any question, it’s not ready. Stressed, unhealthy plants will have tiny buds with mature trichomes. A healthy plant with proper development will have trichome and flower maturity occur together. Often times unhealthy plants have mature trichomes and stalled flower growth as trichomes don’t wait for anyone. The overall size is relative to the girth of the stem it forms on. Tiny stem, tiny calyx. Some buds can have individual dried calyx the size of a pinky nail when done right. If the trichomes sparkle, they are not ready. If you see a huge round calyx that looks like sugar has been dumped in it, you’ve done a great job. The very top of the plant should not have new calyx forming when ripe.

    1. RASUFA Avatar

      I’m always learning from you

    2. MidMOGrower Avatar

      Good read…you have all this knowledge can we see your grow?

  2. MEGAH4G Avatar

    I wouldn’t disagree with anything @jmystro says my rule of thumb is if there are more white pistils than brown she is still going i determine my start of flush by 70-80% brown/amber (strain dependant). Seems me but you must discover the best way that works for you and your thang. Peace Megah4g (MegaHag)

  3. Wet Planties Avatar

    oh my this jmystro guys is a brain thank you for the comments brotha

  4. Maryjane Calyx


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