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When should I pop my lollies??

What’s up DGC! A question for the scroggers. This is my 2nd scrog run. And I love it. I’m at day 10 of flower. When do you lollipop?


7 responses to “When should I pop my lollies??”

  1. I wanna talk to sampson Avatar

    I personally clean them up a little bit as I’m setting my scrog. Then at day 21 of flower I do a pretty good defoliation.

    1. Crontario Chris Avatar

      Awesome thanks! Sounds like I’m on the right track here. Cheers

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Are you gonna do two layers of lattice? I sure like to. When it comes to keeping your legs, pretty, it is a full-time job for me. I never am interested in supporting any piece of organic matter. That does not serve me. You’ll get better and better at seeing who will never be anything when they grow up and who to put your time and light on.

    1. Crontario Chris Avatar

      Thank you! I hadn’t planned on using a second net, but I have one if needed. I really appreciate the help Sunny. I’ll do a good cleanup tonight when the lights go on.

  3. Paddy O’Toker Avatar

    I’m with Bectopia 2 layer of “lattice” I get them ready in veg 2/3 weeks before I flip a slow multi day defoliation leading into setting my first “lattice”. Day 21 I finish the job and give the girls a nice defoliation then put on the second support “lattice”.
    Less is more, you can always take more.

    1. Crontario Chris Avatar

      Ok, good stuff! Another knowledge bomb. Cheers

  4. wiscofarmer420 Avatar

    i will have my bottoms somewhat cleaned up going into flower. then after the stretch i’ll do it again along with a defoliation.

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