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First Autopot Grow

Hello DGC,

First Autopot grow. Best growth that I have had. I hope the flower will have the same results. New grower, and using this system is very easy. It is a game changer for me. I am growing in Promix BX with added perlite. Ghia Green veg and bloom mixed and top dressed. I am adding Photosynthesis Plus, and Terp plus from microbelife in a 25gal resiviour.  This is Day 17 in flower. Thank you for sharing any feedback with me🤜



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  1. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    Well, they look fucking great! Curious, how long do you keep them in veg? They look so big and strong.

    1. Creature Avatar

      Actually, looking back I flipped them into 12/12 56 days after I planted the seed. I think it took 3 days to pop, then I let them grow for 2 weeks as a seedling before I transplanted them into the autopot.
      To be honest I am not sure when I should start counting days as veg? So it may have been longer then 5 weeks.

      Is the seedling phase counted as veg? If not, at what point does the veg phase start?

  2. Creature Avatar

    Thank you! 5 weeks in veg

    1. Creature Avatar

      4 weeks looked too small. Then 5 weeks seemed perfect since my tent is large.

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