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Air flow In lung room?

In my grow room I now have two ax infinity tents. One 3×3 and one 4×4, I’ve been wondering about air flow in my king room recently. I usually keep the door to my king room closed when I’m not in the garden. I’m wondering if it would be beneficial to leave the door open to introduce more air to my plants. The room my tents are in is a storage room in my basement. I keep the door close keep bugs out but I don’t really have many issues with them in the first place. Thank y’all keep growing 🤙


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  1. RASUFA Avatar

    Air flow would be good for fresh air exchange. If your tents are drawing in then you might get air flow thru door cracks and such. I don’t have crazy air flow in my lung room because I vent my tents out of the space.. I also get enough FAE when I enter and leave. If your room gets muggy or stale air then it’s definitely something to think about. I don’t have any factual basis for these ideas just my experience. I could be dead wrong. I’m sure someone has a more scientific and thorough answer for you.

    1. RASUFA Avatar

      If you are using CO2 you will not benefit with an open door to your lung room.

    2. Riverslivingsoil Avatar

      Thanks for the feed back, I have a fan blowing in air from an another room. It doesn’t tend to get stuffy in there so it should be exchanging air at an average rate. I appreciate the help growmie 🤙

  2. VA Kief Katcher Avatar

    I’m assuming your storage/lung room in the basement is climate controlled?
    I’m going to ‘contain’ MY controlled environment within the Grow space, in this case, my tent. Proper SOPs and sterile, or clean prep areas inside the lung room for a large operation would be my only concerns.

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