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Is it safe to use softened water?

Where I live we have rather hard water and my house utilizes a water softener system. I am new to growing and don’t know if it is safe to use with the whole salt factor. I currently use RO water, is tap water better?

Btw, love the DGC and try to catch every show since I discovered you guys about 2 months ago. Just got my order of Recharge and Grow Dots to do a run with, super stoked!


4 responses to “Is it safe to use softened water?”

  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Softened water has way too much sodium and will cause serious problems. I would use the tap water if it’s under 200 ppm.

    1. RASUFA Avatar

      What if tap water is 280? 😂 It is what it is

      1. J Mystro Avatar

        280 ppm is probably fine.

  2. Weedman505 Avatar

    You can buy a filter hose attachment and that might bring your ppm down below 200. They’re usually only about 30 bucks and last for about 5000 gallons or so I think.

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