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I’m finishing a bottle of Cal-Mag by Fox Farm, Fox farm being bought out by Monsantos. Monsantos bought out by Bayer. I’m not into supporting big pharma. Any recommendations on a company that has cal-mag?



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  1. MinneStoner Avatar

    Botanicare Cal Mag Plus?

  2. SWVA CannaEnthusiast Avatar

    I have used botanicare last 3 grows, I have had personal success.

  3. RASUFA Avatar

    So fox farm being bought by Monsanto (Bayer) is actually just a rumor. However, they does own botanicare. So if you wanna Calmac and don’t want to pay Monsanto, you’re better off with Foxfarm and ditch the botanicare. Bayer/monsanto also absorbed General Hydro and Vermicrop

    1. RASUFA Avatar

      You are actually best off adding these inputs separately. They can mess with each other and it is easy to overdue the calcium.

    2. Wolf Budz Avatar

      RASUFA thanxs. We live in a world where you can’t believe what you hear. Question everything. RASUFA wouldn’t I be better off doing bottle with both cal/mag? Easier?
      Thanxs again

  4. Hash Hound Avatar

    I’ve been using Blue Planet Nutrients powdered Cal Mag for the past few years every bottom feeding of amended soils in 7g bags via swick method and my plants have had good luck with it.
    I drape strips of an old bag over a plant riser set in a big dish pan and set the bag on that, I add a gallon every two or three days. easy peasy

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