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Blueberry Cupcake x mac1 by Humboldt Seed Co.


What’s up DGC .. hope all is well .. today I’m bringing a Blueberry Cupcake x Mac1 to the table .. it was breed by Humboldt Seed Co and I hunted it a couple years back. It is on it’s 6ish run and keeps getting better every time .. she is being grown in self made supersoil based off the teachings of Subcool with a twist of my own love .. Currently she is in week 8 and for this strain I like her to run 9-10 weeks .. She is bitter Blueberries , Vanilla frosting , and gas .. esp when pressed the gas come out hard .. as you can see she is hella colorful and smacks like a freight train .. we’ll have an amazing day fellas and keep rocking it like One More Saturday Night 💀🌹





3 responses to “Blueberry Cupcake x mac1 by Humboldt Seed Co.”

  1. Crazy Hands Avatar

    Well wouldcha look at that.

  2. Sunnyinbectopia Avatar

    When I squeeze my dog, Maya, gas comes out also! I love Humboldt seed company. I was not a huge fan of the blueberry muffin. Curious how this is. Since it has the Mac, I always hear shit about.

  3. Family Tree Cannabis Co. Avatar

    Man picked the wrong picture size for these .. damn hash had me stoned .. lll that’s crazy and sunny appreciate you 👊👊

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