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Lets talk grow media and OVERWATERING! Coco, peat, rockwool, perlite and why we like what we like. Performance, convenience, price, availability, social/ environmental/ political beliefs.

Dude’s cloning in these coco cubes that supposedly can’t be overwatered Eazy Plugs

That’s why I like coco! Overwatering is a big deal. That’s why they recommend stepping up slowly to bigger pots. Coco and well drained soils allow you lots of leeway. 

Coco cubes

Rockwool Cubes

Check out this Rockwool factory melting rocks

Oasis Cubes

Root Riot Peat cubes

 Good quality peat and bad quality – What Are the Grades of Peat Moss?

Good quality coco and bad quality

Help with coco!!!!  Posted by Stickyarms35

Buffered vs washed

You need to select the right media for auto watering systems

New to auto watering. I just bought my first system and can use some tips

When CO2 interfaces with water it creates carbonic acid, which can lower pH.

Have you ever heard of Travel Tuesday?

Great time to book DGC Cup flights?

DGC CUP – We all need to rally around JMystro! We need him well and at the DGC Cup this June 1st.

One Eye Cat and BigWrd

New Tent Power Strip

Dude Tree Hugging


walipini_seedsI try as much as possible to get out and enjoy nature but honestly its never enough time.

TRAX“I Learned it from you, Dude”

The original “I learned it from you Dad”

Cooking with CocoMixed inputs are the way to go imo(save for dwc) I feed 2:1 GH bloom:micro(grow in veg sometimes for stuff that likes more N) but my medias 10% worm castings, 20% biochar, the rests just peat and perlite with some gypsum and kelp meal mixed in. Bout to be back in dwc though since I’ll be living in a 3rd floor apartment and I don’t feel like lugging soil up all those stairs.

Organics vs Synthetics ScottyReal420 

nativesugarshack9328I don’t believe there is any such thing as a “SYNTHETIC” plant nutrient, I think what you’re looking for is “SYNTHETICALLY DERIVED”, which is still not synthetic at the nutrient level. For example, Nitrogen is a non-metalic element located in group 15 on the periodic table, there is no “where it came from” distinction at all, it’s just nitrogen, period. Ultimately, it’s NPK, and NPK is NPK is NPK any way you slice it. This entire argument over organic vs “synthetic” (which doesn’t exist) nutrients, that has been ongoing for years and years, is flawed at its base assumptions. I’ve been using recharge in both my commercial and personal grows ops for years right along with multiple synthetically derived nutrient systems, as a flush feed in coco on a feed, feed, flush feed schedule with the flush feed being 1/2 strength nutrients and 1.5 grams of recharge per gallon, works great, and I have STACKS of compliance lab testing documents to prove it.

MR puffnstuffWhere the nutes are extracted from; natural and unnatural ways. Like chemical waste turned into salt based nutes are dangerous, unnatural and contain way more than just heavy metals to worry about. Organics for me always.


Good clean N fertilizer from the air!

Green Ammonia Breakthrough to Transform Fuel and Fertilizer Industries

But not in the water!

Minnesota’s burgeoning fertilizer problem

Minnesota firm tries an ancient solution to heavy metal pollution


Monkey Business  Posted by J.R. Tokin

Soilent Recharge  Posted by Paddy O’Toker

Ever been so high you call an ex crying?

Pot Roast  Posted by Thundar the Budbarrian

Just a few more memes to make you laugh- Dales Dankness


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