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Grow Dots, Recharge and Coco Questions

Long time DWC grower. But been binge watching the show. Love it. You guys keep talking about Recharge, Grow Dots, Canna Coco so I pulled the trigger and got some seeing how easy you guys make it sound. So few questions. I received the Canna Coco brick do I just soak it in warm 5.8 pH? No cal-mag or anything? I’m on well water RO water is not an option. Then once I mix the perlite and Grow Dots in I just keep it watered with 5.8 pH until it’s once a week Recharge feeding? And repeat until harvest? I tend to stick to 55-65 day flowering time strains and usually grow from clones. (Love the clones only shirt Scotty) Just trying to get guided in the right direction as DWC bubble buckets are starting to be a pain changing over 30+ of them a week. Please help a hydro guy. Thanks


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  1. J Mystro Avatar

    Your well water should be fine. No need to soak quality coco. Adjust your water’s pH between 5.8 – 6.2 and they’ll do great. Water to run off. Easy on the perlite. It’s only purpose is drainage and coco doesn’t need extra drainage. Maybe 5% if any at all. Every piece of perlite lowers the nutrient availability of the coco. Only supplement calcium and/or magnesium if your plants show a deficiency. Use Recharge once or twice a week until about halfway through flower.

    1. ThatHydroCouple Avatar

      Thanks for the guidance. Completely new to coco so any tips tricks or info is greatly appreciated! Thanks

  2. Terpking Avatar

    I am also new to coco. Just got my real buckets and some recharge and grow dots. Totally new way to grow for me. Wish me luck.

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