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Month: November 2023

  • Trying indoor

    Trying indoor

    Hi all! I’ve been growing outside for 3 years now and love it! I want to start a small scale indoor grow with a small tent to hold just 1-2 Autoflowers do they make a small size tent like that? Could I get a kit with everything I’d need? I sure appreciate any advice DGC!!

  • The Real Week 1 and Feed Charts

    The Real Week 1 and Feed Charts

    Ok so this one has really been nagging at me.   For months actually every time I water I have thought of this. I have heard many times people and it seems like Dude and Scotty talking about they don’t really count the first week after flip as week 1 of flower.  Which makes sense as…

  • Dude Grows Show 1569

    Dude Grows Show 1569

    What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude and Scotty are Hanging Out Talking Cannabis News, Culture and Growing. THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Support The Dude Grows Show on Patreon Support Us When Shopping On Amazon DUDE GROWS MERCH RealGrowers Recharge RealGrowers Grow Dots Dude’s World WHAT’S GROWING ON?: Lets talk grow media and OVERWATERING! Coco,…

  • Calcium deficient or bugs?

    Calcium deficient or bugs?

    Hey DGC, My plant is week 5 in flowering (Grape Balls of Fire-Ethos- Living Soil) and showing these sign on a few leaves about a week ago.  I didn’t see any bugs moving but included pic incase I over looked.  Please let me know. Thank you MidMOGrower

  • Fix is cheaper than replace!

    Fix is cheaper than replace!

    I’m constantly knocking my fans off the wall. This time it’s snapped the plastic band that goes around both wind screens. I could put it on with wire. I’ve done that before. It’s a pain in the ass however. every time I do a changeover, I have to take everything apart. So I didn’t want…